Cascade Ripple VibratorThe Cascade range of vibrators is one of those rare things to hit the sex toy market – Something with a genuinely novel feature. This UK designed range of silicone vibrators incorporates a water based lubricant cartridge that is dispensed through the tip of the vibrator at the touch of a button.

These premium designer vibrators allow you to play and play without interruption to stop and re-lube. By ingeniously incorporating the lubricant in an easy to load cartridge in the shaft of the vibe and allowing the user to dispense the lubricant simply by tapping the lube button the Cascade vibrator avoids you fumbling with lubricant during your most intimate moments.

As mentioned above the three vibrators in the Cacsade range have an insertable silicone section with a nice satin finish and a sturdy ABS plastic core. Before and after use you can slip off the silicone sheath for a thorough cleaning so there are no worries about getting water in the main toy mechanism. The cascade is a rechargeable sex toy too so no need to worry about stocking up on batteries. The recharging takes place through a magnetic recharging adapter and so you always get the orientation right and there’s no fiddling around with tiny connectors. The vibrator can be recharged from your PC or a USB style mobile phone charger.

There are three colours of silicone to choose from, blue, pink and purple, though the ABS body of the Cascade vibrator is always white. You also have three different designs of sleeve – Flow, a straight vibe, Ripple with undulating ribs along its length and Wave which is designed to massage the G Spot. Plenty of option to choose from with nine combinations of this one toy’s options.

It’s three squared again when it comes to vibrating functions with three power levels and three vibrating modes – constant, pulsing and escalating.

If you’re wondering how long the lube cartridges last, well the company say that each one gives around 30 uses. You are supplied with one when you buy your Cascade Vibrator and can buy refills in packs of three for £7.99.

The Cascade Vibrators themselves are currently available direct from the manufacturer, as are the lube refills – click here to visit the Cascade Vibrator site.

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