Svakom Siime Eye Vibrator

Svakom Siime Eye Vibrator

Sex toy security has become a surprise hot topic on a number of news sites recently. The cause, two sex toys that use technology to provide added features and functionality to the user. As Sex toys join what’s called the Internet of things this is potentially going to become a big problem.

For years now experts have warned that devices, especially smaller, cheaper products have very weak security when connected to the Internet. The reason for this is simple. A cheap device is built to a price and adding features doesn’t make economic sense when price competition is so cutthroat. Some devices that connect to the Internet have a short, easy to guess password that can’t be changed by the owner. Of course that’s a worst case scenario.

Other devices are either difficult to configure, will not accept a long, secure password or don’t force the user to set a strong password when first set up. The user may at first be happy with this situation, not having to remember yet another password. Further down the line they may find their device or whole house network hijacked by hackers and the cheap device they bought doesn’t seem so cheap any more.

This is kinda what happened with the Svakom Siime Eye vibrator. The device incorporates a camera in its tip for the most intimate pictures of you and your lover you can imagine. Which is fine if only you and your lover seem them. The problem with the Siime Eye Vibrator seems that its firmware can be hacked and images meant only for private viewing then spread across the Internet.
Then there’s the question of privacy when it comes to your data. You have a right to expect that anyone holding your data keeps it secure and only uses it for the purposes they should. You also have the right to say “Hey, don’t collect data about me just so you can analyse what I’m up to!” And that applies to anonymous usage data too.

This is where the Canadian company Standard Innovations fell foul of the law. They collected data about the users and how they used the products without asking!
Now, Svakom have updated their App to fix the vulnerability. So if you have a Siime Eye Vibrator make sure you check out the Apple Store or Play Store for the updated software. They have also pointed out their manual tells people to change the password on the device. And Standard innovations have coughed up a hefty fine to settle the class action suit against them.

But wouldn’t it have been easier to take more care in the first place?

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