Jimmyjane Hello Touch Vibrator

Jimmyjane Hello Touch Vibrator

Jimmyjane have a new sex toy for us all to play with according to their latest press release:

Jimmyjane, the design-centric brand and leading innovator in the sex accessories market, is pleased to announce the introduction of hello touch, a vibrator that’s worn on the fingers to enhance your natural touch. hello touch is the first in the new hello line of Adaptable Vibrators designed by Founder and Chief Creative Ethan Imboden.

More Vibration, Less Vibrator

Unlike any vibrator previously available, HELLO TOUCH features a pair of ultra-compact Vibration Pods, each enclosed in a supple silicone Fingerpad. When worn on the hand, the pods resonate, putting the power of dual motors at your fingertips. Now, familiar strokes offer all new sensations. “HELLO TOUCH is wonderfully intuitive”, says Imboden. “You touch naturally but get supernatural results – there’s nothing to learn, and everything to discover.”

Recent studies underscore the logic behind Jimmyjane’s new vibrator design.

  • Up to 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. (Understanding the Female Orgasm, Al Cooper, PhD, Sex Therapist, July 2003)
  • 87% of women masturbate with their hands, versus much smaller percentages using vibrators, shower heads and other approaches. (Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy)
  • 78% of women who use vibrators have used them with their partners. (University of Indiana researchers, Hebernick, D. et al, Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2009)

HELLO TOUCH is a versatile response to all three interests, delivering powerful sensation anywhere hands may roam.

HELLO TOUCH offers more than three times the power of the most common fingertip vibrators while taking up less than one third the volume. Unlike other fingertip vibrators, they’re perfect for internal or external stimulation, and won’t get in the way of your pleasure. Wear the vibrators on the index finger and forefinger to stroke and explore, or on the thumb and forefinger to grasp and squeeze. Position the Vibration Pods on the front of the fingers for direct contact, or on the back to expose the fingertips for increased tactile feedback. Try them midway down the fingers, or perhaps both on a single finger – explore freely to find what you like best.

Since Imboden launched Jimmyjane in 2004, the company has redefined the sex accessories market through innovation, placing the company at the forefront of creating pleasure products for a broad and discerning audience. As a vibrator designed for use by women, men and couples, HELLO TOUCH is a demonstration of how much progress has been made in welcoming a wider range of pleasure seekers. “HELLO TOUCH is truly a vibrator for all,” notes Imboden. “We’ve created it for everyone who likes to touch or be touched.”

Known for leading through innovation, Jimmyjane is the only company in the industry to be honored with prestigious design accolades, including I.D., AIGA and IDEA awards. True to its design roots, hello touch will be launched simultaneously on www.jimmyjane.com and Fab.com, the global leader in online retail of design objects. In an interview with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, the founders of Fab recently revealed that Jimmyjane’s form 2 vibrator is the all-time best selling product on their site. “We’re ready to pass the baton to HELLO TOUCH,” suggests Imboden.

All Jimmyjane designs feature medical-grade materials, are completely body-safe, and are backed by the company’s unparalleled Three Year Limited Warranty.

HELLO is a discovery, an introduction and a welcome. The company is delighted to get their latest innovations onto the hands of Jimmyjane fans worldwide.

Pleasure to the People

HELLO TOUCH Wearable Vibrators for All $65 SRP

  • Great for couples
  • Waterproof & Washable
  • Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe Materials
  • Good to go, with microfiber Travel Case
  • Batteries Included
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty



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