Pulse And Cocktails Online Sex Toy Superstore

Pulse And Cocktails Online Sex Toy Superstore

Pulse And Cocktails has been a fixture of the British high street for many years and is synonymous with the slogan “Couples who play together, stay together.” We wholeheartedly support that sentiment, so rather than send us a sex toy for review, Pulse and Cocktails sent us their whole sex shop … just online!

The site has recently been through a redesign to make it cleaner, slicker and more appealing. It’s certainly uncluttered in appearance and presents the various categories of sex toys that Pulse and Cocktails can ship straight to your door. Click a menu title and you are taken to the product category section, click a specific menu item under the category and you are presented with a shortlist of products to select from.

There’s also a rather natty option that lets you refine your product selection even further. These filters that pop up at the left of the page always allow you to narrow the products down by price range, but within each specific group of products automatically present you with relevant options; If you’re selecting a rabbit vibrator for example you get to choose “Rabbit Vibrators”, “Exotic Rabbits” or “Dinky Rabbits”. This is a great idea and one which other online sex shops could soon be copying as it makes it so much easier to search through a wide range of sex toys like that available at Pulse And Cocktails.

When you click on a product to view its details not only do you get to read a product explanation but there are multiple images of most products, each of which can be magnified to you can inspect details such as shape and control layout. And if you like what you see and read you can buy the item by clicking the “Add to shopping bag” button.

To help you with those little extras that you might forget the site automatically suggests other products you might like to buy based on purchases made by other customers in the “People who bought this also bought” section. This can be a great help in avoiding annoying disappointments, like buying a toy like a butt plug then forgetting to buy the lube!

As for the range of products you’ll see a few old favourites and some that you might not see at other shops. Because Pulse and Cocktails have a high street presence as well as their online sex shops you get to take advantage of their diverse product catalogue.

You could buy your first sex toy from Pulse And Cocktails and then as you progress, learning what presses your buttons keep coming back to their online sex toys store to select more advanced toys. Start with something as inconspicuous as a vibrating bath sponge and move on up to a multi-function rabbit vibrator when you are ready. Or maybe you want to try a little bondage and spanking? Well however your sexual tastes evolve you’ll find something to satisfy your desires at this online sex toy store.

Paying for your purchases takes place via SagePay, a trusted and secure payment system which accepts all major credit and debit cards. Where applicable card transactions use the Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code systems. All payment pages on the site are secured by 256 bit encryption and a third party verified SSL certificate. Which in English means you can be sure that your payments and card information are being handled securely.

When you receive your purchase you can be assured that Pulse And Cocktails want to ensure your purchase is private and discrete. It will be delivered in plain packaging, and your card statement will simply show a transaction to P & C Trading.


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