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October 15, 2010
Sexy Cora

Sexy Cora

It’s not uncommon for adult industry stars to endorse products. It can be a useful way of expanding their earning potential outside what originally made them famous.

One of the most proactive proponents of this in the UK is Bed Dover who ‘s range of sex toys has appeared over the last few years in sex shops up and down the country. The range consists entirely of off the shelf products, effectively white label items branded with the Bed Dover brand. It includes everything from cock rings to dildos and vibrators, even size enhancing cock pumps in the shape of a Ben Dover badged Bathmate. Ben’s particular range is pretty good quality, but not cutting edge.

Some of the porn star endorsed toys are not so appealing, often representing the cheapest of the cheap products from generic far eastern factories. Their link to the porn star endorsing them is often as tenuous as the image on the packaging and the contract that was signed on the other side of the world. The star has little interest or control over product selection and none whatsoever when it comes to product design and development. Even so some called sexperts are guilty of this sort of endorsement of mediocre products, which makes you wonder about their qualifications to advise about other aspects of sexuality if they cannot or are not interested in ensuring the products they endorse do the job.

Of course not all such deals lead to inferior products. Take the “Fleshlight Girls”, they are high quality masturbators, modelled on various female starlets and built to the same high quality as the rest of the Fleshlight range.

In the run up to Christmas in a year that has already put the industry under some strain because of the economic climate we have noticed several adult stars lunching endorsed products. The latest is German porn star Sexy Cora whose range of  9 sex toys is being distributed by continental wholesaler Orion. The range includes clitoral, vaginal and anal toys.

The latest adult organisation to expand its product range beyond their traditional business is Marc Dorcel who are using French distributor Lovely Planet to expedite its new adult product venture. At the moment the range consists of 11 products and is ostensibly targeted to “Facilitate access to pleasure for everyone” according to Dorcel. Time will tell if Dorcell, known for videos not dildos will find this new venture a valuable new revenue stream.

Everyone in every industry, manufacturing or service, mainstream or adult has to be on the lookout for new ways of broadening their income stream in hard economic times. However with so many established players can these newcomers ever be more than niche players?

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