Worlds Largest Sex Toy?

March 30, 2009
Giant Clone A Willy

Giant Clone A Willy

We had this in from Red Kisses. While only Guiness can verify this is a true world record we think it has a fair chance of being the largest clone a will every produced. I wonder if we’ll find anyone willing to try it out.

An unusual World Record was created this year when Clone-a-Willy, the very popular replica penis making kit, grew in stature!

Redkisses has just created the largest Clone-a-Willy in the World! The massive record breaking Clone-a-Willy measures a staggering 400mm x 135mm, weighs 8.5 kg and vibrates too!

The enormous record breaking Clone-a-Willy was made by using the equivalent of over 25 of the original Clone-a-Willy Kits.

The original mould was made using a gigantic dildo – The Weapon of Ass Destruction, which measures an incredible 540mm x 135mm. To conclude and make the Clone-a-Willy into a real working vibrator, a massive King Dong Vibrator was inserted, which gave the Record Breaking Clone-a-Willy the authentic look and buzz of a real monster vibrator!

How it was made!

Making this size of Clone-a-Willy was a real challenge for the team, as there were many preparations and procedures they had to undertake, as well as estimating how much special cloning powder and liquid skin would actually be required. This monster size Clone-a-Willy had never been attempted before, so it became a guess in how to mix so much powder and water together before the mix had time to harden.

Buckets ready and water set to the exact temperature – 98F (37C), the plunge was taken, mixing vigorously against the clock! With less than 2 minutes from the moment of applying the powder to the water and into the giant prepared tube, there were only seconds to spare before it started to set.

2 hours later, the final challenge was to pour over 6 litres of the mixed liquid skin into the giant clone mould and then position the massive King Dong Vibrator. The next day became the moment of truth, when the World Record attempt Clone-a-Willy was cut away from the mould. Had Redkisses succeeded in making the largest Clone-a-Willy in the World? 

It’s not necessary to expend that much effort on the Clone A Willy, the one we created was a little easier. If you’d like to try it your can find one here.

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