It`s not very often that something astounds me in the sexual arena. I can`t say I`ve seen it all, that would be conceited and foolish. What I`m talking about here is this article from the BBC`s news website.

The “research” is on a small sample size and its conclusions seem qualified with caveats. The most sensible quote, from Dr Petra Boynton (a sexual psychologist at University College London) was, “We’re all different. Some women will have certain area within the vagina which will be very sensitive, and some won’t – but they won’t necessarily be in the area called the G spot.”

Maybe someone ought to point out two pieces of information from my sexual explorations; i) the G Spot is probably not one structure but a collection and yes it may well be associated with the clitoris, ii) it is more or less sensitive dependent on the mood of your partner and at different points in their cycle.

I suppose there`s a third point. Why don`t they stop ultra-sounding women to find the G-Spot and go and find it with their partners? Empirical data is very overrated when it comes to sexuality, it`s better to experience the G Spot than to measure it.