Screwing With A Conscience

March 26, 2008

With the threat of global warming destroying our planet and an ever increasing population, more and more of us are being mindful of the effect we are having on the world.

I decided to try and find some ethical solutions to our needs as sexual beings. Taking the pill and other hormone preparations eventually make their way in to the water; polluting it. In some cases changing the sex of fish and filling them full of oestrogen.

Therefore, condoms were my first thought. If you want to avoid the pitter-patter of little carbon footprints, you still need to use some protection.

The polyurethane ones don`t degrade and the latex ones can take years before they disappear back in to the soil. And with latex you have to consider the impact farming latex has on the plantations and the wages paid to the workers on them.

This site offers condoms Fair Deal Trade condoms guaranteeing that there products are produced without exploitation of the workers These condoms are made from FSC certified rubber and carry the BSI kitemark. So you can screw knowing that nobody is being screwed in the production of your condoms. 😉

The only biodegradeable condom I could find is the Naturalamb condom found here which is made from a natural membrane. Although it didn`t explain exactly what this membrane was made from, could it be lambs intestine? I`m not sure.

It must be noted that whilst these condoms are coated in a natural lubricant, they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. They are also good for people who have an allergy to latex like me.

There are lots of herbal based lubricants out there and other natural products I could have spent hours browsing but then I wouldn`t have been able to create this post for you. 🙂

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