It’s Raining Men

January 18, 2010

I love it when someone in the public eye does something that seems so out of their professional character that you start to question how much your really know about them.  Especially when they do something saucy.  Lol

Recently Jane Hill one of the BBC’s most prolific news correspondents revealed herself to be gay and took us all by storm, not that there is a problem with being with being gay.  You just didn’t expect her to come out.

And in today’s news Tomasz Schaffenacker has posed for the front cover of Attitude magazine which serves the gay community, although they claim that it features both gay and straight people.  He joined the BBC in 2000 and became the youngest weatherman at the age of 22.

I must say that Tomasz will never been viewed in the same way again when he appears on our screens to present the weather.  He has obviously hidden those pecs well and now he’s creating some warm fronts of his own.  😉

This now opens up the question “Is Tomasz gay?” or can we ladies still believe we are in with a  chance? The magazine is obviously teasing us all with the hookline “BBC weatherman reveals his stunning secret”.

I’m going to have to take a sneaky peek at a copy next time in WH Smiths.

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