Lifestyle Lounge

I was given the opportunity to look around the Lifestyle Lounge a few weeks ago. It’s a place where swingers and potential swingers can meet and chat, even hook up for a meeting if they want. You get the opportunity to interact in a non-judgemental environment and are able to identify, amongst other things, where your fellow members are from and what they are in to. So for example if you’re in St Paul and want to chat, meet and play with St Paul Swingers then it’s easy.

I originally joined up, told the site my preferences via the sign-up wizard screens and then didn’t find time over Christmas to log back in and investigate the features available.

Well, now I have and there is lots to see. You have your own private mail system, the usual sort of thing. It allows you to send and receive messages from other members and therefore carry on conversations on a one to one basis if you want to. This is great if you want to contact someone outside of the forums.

The forums are just as you’d expect a place for discussion and discourse about swinging. There’s an advice section that is of course always of great use to anyone new to a scene like swinging.

When it comes down to personal contact you can view a user’s profile. This can include information about them and their sexual preferences and how they like to swing. Remember one swinger is not like another. Everyone has their own preferences and when there are more than two people involved everyone’s needs and desires have to be compatible, though not identical. One of the nice features of the profile pages is that alongside the usual biog stuff there’s a link to MapQuest that allows you to see where the profile’s owner lives. This is an extremely useful feature if you’re not quite sure where abouts in the world a particular swinger or couple live. There’s no point arranging a hookup in Gnome Alaska when you really wanted to get together with St Paul swingers in Minnesota.

It’s been an interesting experience, moving around in the Lifestyle lounge and if for example you’re looking for like minded St Paul Swingers or swingers in any other area for that matter it’s a great way to do it. In an area like St Paul with a population of 287,000 you’re bound to find open minded adults wanting to swing with you.

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