Keeping a relationship going over a long distance has always been and issue. Telephones helped and now email, SMS and video chat means you have moreways than ever to keep the flame alive.


Then something completely new comes along Mutsugoto

Described as “Body Drawing Technology” it claims to deliver a whole new way in which lovers can express their emotions when miles apart. More subtle than dildonics and infinitely more expressive IMHO. You can see the system in action at the Edinburgh Arts Festival starting 5 August 2009.

According to Distance Labs “Human intimacy is a significant but often neglected part of modern life. More people now than ever carry on long distance relationships with romantic partners, sometimes for extended periods of time.” Further information about the project can be found here

You can become a tester for the system by contact Distance Labs via their contacts page.

Mutsugoto from Distance Lab on Vimeo.

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