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October 29, 2013
Australian Babe

Australian Babe

If you believe the late night satellite and cable shows there are areas of the world where sex for cash is freely available, legal and regulated. Well that is kind of true for some countries but even in a state like Australia where prostitution has been decriminalised (with certain restrictions since 1992) you have to tread carefully.

In a recent article on we covered the Swiss sex boxes that generated a lot of international attention. Anyone outside Switzerland might have thought that buying a ticket to the country and popping down to one of these out of town sites was the best way to have fun with a girl for money. But sex tourism is not what these local solutions to the issues of protecting sex workers and their clients is all about. Indeed were a flood of foreign thrill seekers to descend on this peculiarly Swiss solution to the problems of STIs, public nuisance and human trafficking associated with this particular type of adult business then the government in Bern would quickly move to legislate against it.

There’s always a balance to be struck between the honest and laudable aims of progressive groups who wish to acknowledge the existence of the sex trade and ensure that it has a regulatory framework like every other service industry and the views of those who feel it is inherently immoral. Of course you can argue that it’s immoral to criminalise prostitution and force it underground because this exposes those involved in it to danger and exploitation but that’s a debate for another time.

In Australia at least a registered sex worker like any other provider of services such as an escort or masseur can operate without fear of prosecution if they follow the rules. This is why sites like “Australian Babe” have appeared and successfully connected clients and service providers of all sorts for nearly a decade.

It makes sense to create such a site and must make sense for visitors since it has been around for such a long time. The Internet is discrete, allowing you to decide in the first instance if you want to engage the services of one of the women or men who appear on it. If you do decide that a particular individual is for you then you get to see and read about them before you commit to a meeting. This is going to be appealing to some and of course simply not for others but that’s a choice we make for ourselves in states where the explicit sale of adult services is allowed.

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