Carmel Moore and Renee RichardsWe were undecided about attending the Passion Show this year. Funds as always are tight and while we wanted to be there both to have fun and find interesting stories to you, we had almost decided not to attend.

That was until TelevisionX persuaded us otherwise with the promise of an interview with Carmel Moore and Renée Richards.

We decided to take advantage of this opportunity as soon as we had entered Earls Court, so with Suze chatting to the TVX people I got to work on the sofa with Renée and Carmel.

There`s a lot to recount, this is just part one. I hope you enjoy it.

Alex: How does it feel to have a video of yourself having sex playing on a plasma screen on the front of the stand?

Renée: I feel kind of indifferent towards it, and I have a different look now so people tend not to recognise me.

Alex: Does your look mean a lot to you? Some stars have a consistent look throughout their careers, how about you?

Renée: No, not really, I`ve always had long dark hair. I just ended up cropping it all off and looking different today, a sort of younger life crisis I think.

Renée giggled at this point, then laughed when I mentioned I was due for a midlife crisis. Ice broken we continued to chat.

Alex: How long have you been in “the business”

Renée: 3 ½ years

Alex: Has that been a long 3 ½ years?

Renée: No it`s gone really quickly. I still remember my first boy-girl scene, my first girl-girl scene, my first solo … I was stripping for three years before that.

Alex: You`ve enjoyed all of it then? Don`t worry I`m not going to ask about any bad experiences.

Renée: No, no, no! They`ve been minimal actually, I`ve enjoyed most of my scenes, I`ve been quite lucky. The longer I`ve been in [the business] the more I`ve enjoyed the scenes I`ve been in, and the sex element. It`s [now] less of a “rabbit in the headlights” moment, it`s been more fun you know, more relaxed.

Alex: So at the beginning, was it quite scary for a newcomer?

Renée: Oh yes! I look back at my first boy-girl scene and I`ve got big eyes and not very natural, not being myself and not doing the things that I would naturally do. But after my fourth or fifth scene I got into it and it started to come naturally.

She laughs again realising the unintentional double entendre.

Alex: Without wanting to imply that you`re approaching the end of your career it has to be said that adult performers have a finite lifespan. You don`t look to be anywhere near that yet, but would you like to still be involved in the industry in a few years?

Renée: Yeah, yeah, I would. I`d like to live out all my pervy fantasies, direct, produce and all of that would be great fun. [I] shot one film already, last year, which was one of my pervy fantasies, boys taking it up the bum, with strapons – on girls. But I think I`m going to leave the industry this year, coming back now and again for a few photo shoots … I`m moving abroad so it`ll be a bit of a distance to travel. Even though I love TelevisionX it will be a bit too far to commute.

Alex: There`ll be a few disappointed people out there, me amongst them.

That worked I actually got a porn star to blush – back of the net. LOL

Alex: So you`re effectively stepping outside the adult industry altogether?

Renée: Yes I`ll just have to be pervy in my own home and at swingers clubs.

Alex: So you swing?

Renée: I do swing, I`m swinging tonight. I`m trying to coerce Carmel Moore to come swinging with me later.

Alex: So, whereabouts are you swinging then?

Renée: There`s a party in London apparently, big three story house, near Regents Park …

Alex: I`ll not tell anybody. Tell me, are you in a long-term relationship?

Find out what Renée told me about her relationships and what Carmel Moore had to say to me in the next part of this interview.

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