I’m Picking Up Good VIBErations

Something new has just been launched over at sextoys.co.uk.  It’s the Vibe, their social network community site and it’s buzzing.  I registered there the and found the process of setting up a profile straightforward, quick and easy.

Within minutes I completed my personal information, loaded up my naughty little avatar and was checking out what was on offer.

The Vibe is a bright and cheerful place where you can share information with fellow members via the forums or create a personal blog and if you aren’t interested in contributing to the wealth of information over there you can simply read the features and forum entries.

They encourage the use of video too, It’s possible to add your own videos and also comment via video which is an unusual concept and one I haven’t encountered before on similar sites.

Or why not have a chat in one of their chat rooms, meet new friends and share ideas.  With subscribers world wide you are bound to meet someone with similar interests to yours.

You may have a personal question you cannot confide in anyone else, no problem you can ask their resident Sexpert Rachel Foux.  The Vibe has covered every angle, it’s like Cosmopolitan only better because you get to interact and become part of the action.

The Vibe also offers regular contributors the chance to collect points which can later be exchanged towards products in their store.  So what do points make?…


I’m going to be spending a lot of time over there so why don’t you join me by clicking here.

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