Award Winning Orgasms

August 16, 2008

Fun Factory Delight ReviewI came back from lunch early today to find Busty reading a woman`s magazine at first I though nothing of it. Then I noticed as she turned the page that she was reading an article on the Top Ten Best Sex Toys. It was the pictures on the article which caught my attention, Suze never misses an article covered in pictures of sex toys. Lol

Again I had to bite my tongue as I hovered over her shoulder, several of the items tested in the survey I have reviewed and to my surprise I had tried and tested the winner! I was dieing to announce to her that I had tested some of them as she said a vibe looked quite interesting with a giggle.

It`s so hard sometimes to hold back.

So where was I…yes, the winner. It was the Fun Factory Delight which I reviewed here on 28th November 2007, blimey I didn`t realise it was that long ago. 😉 I mentioned only a few weeks back that this vibrator had also won the Red Dot design award which it truly deserved, being unlike any other toy out there.

I have to admit it is one of my all time favourite vibes and I keep it close to me as it lives in my bedside drawer with all my favourites. In fact I don`t have much room for my undies now which is why I bought the drawers in the first place. Lol

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