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November 23, 2007

Cupid's Couch PumpSuze’s previous post about our encounter with one of our own reviews at the AOS (The Cupid’s Couch Review) reminded me to post about how the new electric pump for the Cupid`s Couch actually worked out.

I was keen to test the pump as the foot pump with which the couches were originally supplied were effective, but hard work. By the time you`d got the couch inflated you were ready for a rest, not rampant monkey sex. LOL.

However, I had reservations, first the noise and secondly its effectiveness to give deliver sufficient pressure to inflate the couch fully.

First the volume level. The pump is a centrifugal one, 100mm in diameter and 105mm high. Centrifugal pumps have two potential problems if they are constructed cheaply, the first being noise. While not silent the one supplied with the Cupid`s couch is not of low quality ensuring the noise is not intrusive. In the past we bought a pump to inflate an airbed and were nearly deafened by it during operation. Kneeling next to the pump while the couch inflated was no problem with this pump.

The second problem and potential reservation was the ability to deliver enough pressure. Unlike reciprocating pumps centrifugal ones tend to deliver less pressure. As the Cupid`s Couch inflated I was impressed at the speed, then by the firmness the pump achieved. So absolutely no problem there then.

Well not quite. Although the upper and lower chambers of the couch were inflated in record time with virtually no effort on my part, the two small stiffening chambers that run the length of the couch could not be inflated with the pump. This was due to their small size and the different type of valve that their size necessitates. However, three deep breaths (in each) filled these chambers.

So how long does it take to fill a Cupid`s Couch from deflated. From flat to fully usable it`s about 4-5 minutes and without the interminable pumping required with the old pump. And the pump deflates the couch too by simply switching the nozzles to the inlet port on the pump. Great for packing it away again.

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