Fleshlight iPad

May 17, 2012
Fleshlight iPad

Fleshlight iPad

Renowned maker of male pleasure products Fleshlight are set to add a new product to their already successful line of masturbators.  They have announced via the adult grapevine that they intend to produce a next generation product.

Fleshlight for those who aren’t familiar with the product got their name from the realistic insert and plastic case which resembles a flashlight or torch as we in the UK know it.  The masturbator has 3 types of orifice and a multitude of inserts, some of which are modelled on porn stars.

Brian Shubin designed the orginal Fleshlight and it received a patent for it in 1988.  Is it really that long ago?  It’s certainly a toy which has endured over the years.

The company are planning on developing a Fleshlight which will attach to bottom of the iPad but Brian Shubin Fleshlight COO hasn’t released any detail regarding the marriage and how they will interact with each other.  It all sounds very interesting.

For sure this will probably become the toy of choice for the office geek. Unless of course it’s just a rumour …

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