For Your Nymphomation

December 28, 2007

A-Rouse.comFor Your NymphomationFor Your Nymphomation is a company that Suze discovered and mentioned on AlexSuze a while ago. The company produce a range of products specifically for the adult market.

As their site says:

For Your Nymphomationâ„¢ (FYN) storage cases are designed to discreetly hide your ‘pleasurables’ – e.g. condoms, sex toys, pornographic magazines & DVDs, floggers, and other adult novelties. Parents can now be relieved to have a locking case to hide their adult items from their children.”

Now, we already use a suitcase to store our most used sex toys, but that does has its drawbacks as the toys are simply floating around in the case, un-retained. As for the FYN products however:

“Our BDSM collection is designed to store your paddles, floggers, canes, and other larger items … All of our storage cases are constructed of faux leathers with water-resistant nylon linings, both of which easily wipe clean with soap and a wet cloth if a lotion or lube gets spilled.”

There are various pockets and compartments to ensure your toys stay undamaged and esily accessible

All very practical and from the look of the items displayed on the site, very well thought-out. The prices are reasonable too, nice to see when so often anything that`s perceived to be “specialist” usually has a hefty percentage added to the ticket price.

Sadly because the company is in the US we haven`t been able to get our hands on any of the products to road test. However if we do we`ll be sure to return to For Your Nymphomation in future.

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  • Froggywoogie says:

    This is clever but as I see the situation, you are getting more and more of those stuff. I’ve had a question in mind for a while now: how are you going to recycle all of this? You can’t donate them to a charity aency lol. Really it’s going to be an issue I think 🙂

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