Steeling The Moment

January 7, 2008

EroSteelReaders who are here from AlexSuze will already be aware that both Alex and I review sex toys on our site. Over the years we have covered many named brands and everything ranging from the standard vibrator some of the latest high tech toys out there.

Well, there is one toy that we haven`t had the pleasure of yet and I say yet because I do aim to try one out in the near future. And that is the stainless steel sex toy, it intrigues me how the feel of metal inside me and the weight will work.

In my quest to find some of the most interesting and well made toys on the market I came across this site and it was just like discovering an Aladin`s cave of wonderful new toys to try. Their website is a delight to navigate and is wonderfully put together and offers advice on the usage, cleaning and care of their stainless steel range.

EroSteel have something for the everyone, ranging from the novice to the full on BDSMer, including a wonderful range of collars like this one I have my eye on and this object of desire which I could find many uses for. 😉 Or if you are full on why not try one of their cock and ball play items.

Here is what EroSteel have to say about their company: is an e-tailer dedicated to improving people’s sex lives by providing them access to the best toys and sexual enhancement products available. EroSteel envisions a world in which sex toys are perceived as a safe, acceptable way for individuals and couples to share and experience pleasure. We strive to achieve this goal by supplying our customers with a comfortable shopping experience and products of superb design and craftsmanship. Our goal is to satisfy your needs for privacy and fantasy. We work hard to demonstrate our respect for our clients as healthy, intelligent, sexually adventurous adults. The service we provide is prompt, convenient, discreet, and responsive to your needs. The products we manufacture and sell must meet our highest standards of quality for tasteful and functional design. We cater to all genders, persuasions, orientations and varieties of relationships.

There is just one problem…they are based in Quebec and I would love to go and visit them. Although they do ship all over the world. Did you hear that Alex? 😉

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