Love Pod
We bumped into an industry friend of ours today and found that he`s been working on something big, really big.Parked in the lobby at the NEC in Birmingham was the largest sex toy we`ve ever seen. If you like inflatables then you`ll love this.At first as you can see he wasn`t too keen on us taking photos, but by the time Suze had distracted him by methods that we`d rather not go in to I`d got a few snaps, one of the outside and another from inside this amazing new toy.
As far as we know these are the first pictures of this amazing new toy. You`ll need a large space if you want to play in it though, it`s over 2 metres tall.
Love Pod
.Quite honestly we were stunned. And BTW we think these are exclusive pictures, the first ever of the Love Pod.If you want to know more visit the Be Rude Not Too site.


Love Pod
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