Earth Angel Vibrator

Earth Angel Vibrator

We are now more aware of the effect we have on the climate and are striving daily to help reduce the greenhouse gases being released in to the atmosphere.


I personally recycle as much as I can via the local council collection schemes and drop off anything else to the collection banks in the supermarket carparks. And doing this makes me feel good. Knowing that despite the fact I am living a 21st century lifestyle with all the trappings I am doing what I can and being as green as I can.

To this end I have just discovered a brand new “green technology” toy called The Earth Angel. Created by Chris O’Conner for Caden Enterprises based in Ireland. This toy will never require batteries because it has a patented power core. It is 8” in length and has multi speed vibrations.

This vibrator is charged in a similar way to those wind up radios invented by Trevor Bayliss. There is a key which you pull out mounted in the base of the vibe which you wind to initiate the power core.

This really is a clever vibrator and one which will make you smile when you are using it. You can read more about it here.

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