Voice Activated RabbitWe received this press release yesterday. We saw the voice activated rabbit on Sunday, but as we were in the middle of a trade show, laying on my back and having a play with it was out of the question :(. Looked interesting though …

With over 15% of women having never experienced an orgasm, it`s clear that men just don`t listen when it comes to what women want in the bedroom, says erotic store Onjoy.com.

That`s why sex toy boffins have come up with a vibrator that responds to women`s vocal instructions – just in time for National Orgasm Day!

Imagine a sexual partner purely there for your pleasure. Who does EXACTLY what you ask, WHEN you want and asks no questions. No hand at the back of your head pushing you south. No wishing he’d go a bit harder, a bit deeper, a bit slower. Welcome to the 21st century!

The voice activated vibrator can be programmed to go faster, slower, harder, wave and more, so women can ask for what they want in the bedroom and know they are actually going to get it.

“Communication is key to a healthy relationship, say Monique Carty, Director of Onjoy.com, and there`s no relationship healthier than that of a woman and her vibrator! The fact that she can now make demands and the vibrator can respond really should have men worried. If they don`t want to be made redundant they need to sit up and listen.”

Women can personalise their commands to their own sexy language if they so wish. So if you`re more of a “Give it to me” girl than “Faster” there`s no need to worry! There are 9 functions to programme altogether, consisting of vibration speed, pulsation, escalation and wave.

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Only time and the first production models will tell if the voice activated vibrator really lives up to its promise.

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