Erotic Awards Showcase

May 13, 2008

Erotic Awards ShowcaseThe Erotic Awards Showcase is an annual charity event held annually in support of Outsiders. I mentioned it yesterday in the event round-up, but wanted to plug it again because the more I read about the Outsiders organisation the more I felt I wanted to do something to support them.

I would have loved to patronise the event myself, but travelling to London on a work night would have been a little impractical. LOL

I asked Mat Fraser, the MC of the event about the EAS.

Mat Fraser told us, “I like to MC the Erotic Awards showcase and finals both because I support Outsiders as an organisation, and because I think its important to have visible confident disabled people as part of the production of it all, not just the reception, because it is damned sexy and fun, and because its a celebration of all people`s sexuality, disabled and non disabled, queer, straight, straight up, bent, bent over, and most of all free. Free to be whoever we want to be.”

We couldn`t agree more, everyone should be free to fulfil their potential.

 You can find more information on the event here.

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