If The Collar Fits

December 24, 2007

Slave CollarI wrote a while back on AlexSuze about my decision to go out and buy a collar for myself. We didn’t have a lot of spare cash at the time, nothing changes there then. Lol

So I decided the best place to acquire one would be from the local pet superstore. It would also be an adventure and a bit of a thrill, shopping amongst pet owners for a collar for me whilst pretending it was for the dog.

There was one problem, I wouldn’t be able to try the collar on. We found a way around this but I can’t remember what it was now, it was so long ago. It’s not like you can just take one off the rack and try it on. 🙂

I spotted the one I wanted quite soon after finding the dog collars isle. It was a lovely bright red leather one and the leather was reasonably soft. How times have changed.

You can now find a wonderful range of collars online and whilst surfing the net today I came across this one. Radiance Bound may not be your hardcore BDSM supplies site but they do have a wonderful range of collars ranging from the gothic to the spiked choker.

They are a developing company who specialises in collars and cuffs but plans to move in to masks, sets and they promise a few surprises. This is what they have to say on their site:

We believe that gear and accessories for consensual fantasy play do not have to be boring or ugly. All of our designs are tough and every item we sell is lovingly hand-crafted on the premises to ensure that you receive only the finest products. Since we believe in making more fun for everyone, most of our items are available in custom sizes and usually at no extra cost (depending on our cost of materials).

There products are more dress wear than pure BDSM but for that special event when your normal slave collar just isn’t glitzy enough… I know which one I’m saving to buy. 😉

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