Porky’s The College Years

January 5, 2009

I have to ask the question “Do we need another Porky’s film?” Having seen the first one as a kid I have to answer with an emphatic “NO!”. Porkies was not the height of cinematic excellence, but at the time it was a bit of puerile fun.

That was then, this is now. But Howard Stern who is creating another instalment of the Porky’s franchise would disagree. He’s hired Ryder Skye recently lauded as New Starlet of the year to appear in the film.

Skye is of course very enthusiastic about the project saying “I’ve always loved acting,” Skye said. “My first major was theater and there’s nothing more fulfilling for me than being in front of a camera. I’m bringing the passion I have for the work I do in adult to my role in ‘The College Years.”

Skye has already had cameos in TV productions including Sex In The City, could this be her break into the mainstream? I suspect she hopes so.

The movie will be directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, but is still in development so don’t hold your breath for a release date as they’ve been developing it since 2006. It’s reported that they have six writers on the case … something about cooks and broth?

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