A-Rouse, Break Up BibleDo you and your lover need a little bedtime reading for the cold winter evenings? OK, so I know everyone South of the equator is at the tail end of summer, but winter is coming to you soon. Maybe you could buy them a book to excite and amuse them. Maybe an adult classic?

For example, that old favourite, the The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra. Not the most imaginative gift but it does come with pictures which are easier to follow than text when you`re jigging up and down. Now although some of the gentlemen pictured seem to have unfeasibly long penises simply to achieve the positions depicted you will at least have a lot of fun trying to emulate them.

There are other classics like The Happy Hooker. This as a 30th anniversay edition a few years ago, though as much to celebrate the publication of a new book by Xaviera Hollander as three decades since the Happy Hooker topped the best sellers list.

If it`s a true classic you`re after, one that still intrigues and inspires after over a century how about Venus in Furs
. Things you didn`t know about Sacher Masoch? He`s the great-great-uncle of Marianne Faithful, so that`s what the fur rug she was wearing when the police raided Jagger`s house was all about …

One book that might have a mixed reaction is The Break Up Bible. According to the blurb …

“Compiled by former stand-up comedian, belly-dance teacher and confirmed singleton Ruth Graham, The Break-Up Bible features an abundance of true splitting-up stories from around the globe to make you howl with laughter or cringe with embarrassment. The book also features a Break-Up quiz, tips on ways to dump the loser in your life and how to spot your lover’s roving eye.

It’s the perfect antidote to all that lovey-dovey nonsense that surrounds Valentine’s Day – a night when, traditionally, single women either stay at home drinking chianti hoping for Mr Darcy to enter their dreams, or hit the local nightclub where single men attempt to ‘charm’ their way into their affections with a packet of pork scratchings and a pint of gaseous lager.”

I did try and do a little research on Ruth Graham, but didn`t come up with anything. Why? Well Ruth Graham is also the name of the wife of the late evangelist preacher Billy Graham. I`m guessing from the description above that they aren`t the same person.

I`ll leave it to your judgement as to whether or not The Break Up Bible such a great gift for your friend or lover.

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