Amazing Heels

November 18, 2007

I have like most girls always had an interest in shoes. This is not born out of a foot fetish or any other kind of fetishism as such. But if it is a fetish then I would say that 8 out of 10 girls have it. We all seem to like/collect shoes and boots.

My one problem and major setback has always been money. I am currently working with a couple of girls who have up to 100 pairs of footwear in their collection. A rough count of mine would probably give me the grand total of maybe 10. And there`s no point demanding a recount 🙁

This could be because my work colleagues are single and don`t have anything else to lavish their “hard earned” on. I don`t know. One of them loves to wear a pair of wedge heels in bright red. You have been warned. Lol

I digress, what started this train of thought off was thinking about my recent visit to the Adults Only Show in Birmingham. Where I met Brian the proprietor of Nitelife shoes. He told me that his father had been in the shoe trade and now he had ventured in to club/fetish shoes over the last 2 ½ years.

Brian is also linked to Gothic Boots and Fetish Wear who supply a wide variety of naughty wear, ranging from PVC to chain mail should you wish to be a damsel in distress. There is something to suit all tastes and fetishes on their site.

I was impressed with the range of styles and colours available on the stand. Sizes range up to size 9 and some styles are available in size 12 (good for the guys) 😉

Whilst looking around his stand I spotted several pairs of strappy buckled boots and what I would call porn star/pole dancer sandals. It was whilst I was looking at these I spotted a pair of unusual clear acrylic sandals. They would be perfect in the bedroom. I managed to talk one of the promo girls in to trying them on and modelling them for me. She was a hot blonde, I`m telling you this because you won`t be able to tell from the video footage. 😉

Just check out those sandals…

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  • MrandMrsB says:

    Bet they cost a fortune
    Bet you couldnt wear them to go out in
    You can find “sexier” shoes even in supermarkets, Sainsburys have a very nice red one at the moment.
    MrsB has mules from M&S and strappy from TJHughes, all wearable, sexy and reasonably priced.
    Those shoes remind us for the old Chinese practice of footbinding ie crippling.