Cathy BarryWe met Cathy Barry at the Adults Only Show in Birmingham last year and completely failed to interview her. Not because we didn`t have the opportunity, but because we enjoyed her company so much. You can see the piece we wrote about it here. We spent quite while with her but she is so friendly and engaging that it just didn`t occur to us to switch to journo mode.

No chance of that now; As soon as we see a porn start we’re straight on the case and they don’t stand a chance, see here and here.

So, we were very please to hear, via a little industry insider we know, that Red Hot TV are having a Cathy Barry night on 20th July 2008.

If you’re not familiar with Cathy she’s the vivacious and prolific UK porn star who’s proud to be one of the most popular and productive English porn exports.

On top of her bubbly and friendly personality we have it on good authority that she has one of the best tongues in the business when it comes to cunnilingus. Goodness knows what her blowjobs are like. I’ll let you know the next time I’ve cornered one of her male co-stars.

You can see Cathy and other busty Brits here.

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