Setanta Survey Silliness

November 27, 2007

Not content with having possibly one of the most annoying adverts ever transmitted by a UK based satellite channel, Setanta have now published a survey that I suppose ushers in the silly season before the Christmas holidays. Yes I know it`s early to be talking about Christmas in November but trust me it`s silly.

According to a survey Setanta have just published, “17 per cent of UK males and 10 per cent of females admit to thinking about sport whilst in the heat of passion”

Furthermore “the nation`s sporting fixation doesn`t interfere with just sex; it also affects other events: 23 per cent of men said they had stood someone up on a date to catch up on their team, a further 20 per cent admitted to missing a friend`s wedding due to a vital sporting engagement and an incredible 4 per cent even said they had missed the birth of their child to watch their team play.”

But then again maybe it`s not silly. Maybe it`s just me who`d prefer a bit of naughtiness to watching a football game?

Of course the reason behind this is the launch of the Setanta`s new sports channel. To quote Kelly Dalglish (Sentanta news presenter: “We knew men were sports-obsessed but I think most women would be astonished to know men even think about sport during sex. I`m sure our new channel will provide men with exactly the right outlet for sporting news and insight so they can also find the time to properly concentrate on their women too.”

Ah, bless! So they`ve just launched a new channel for the good of the nation`s love life. 😛

However I can forgive them all that because they employed Thaila Zucchi for the ad, probably the cutest housemate ever to inhabit the UK Big Brother house.

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